PerfectLens Integrates Data Into Their Marketing Mix

PerfectLens, an online contact lens retailer, turned to SourceKnowledge Engage to help gather more actionable data on the effectiveness of their customer acquisition strategy as well as optimize ad delivery based on that data.

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The Results

PerfectLens saw a substantial overall return with a 4x return on ad spend.

PerfectLens reached more than  6 million unique devices which focused in eastern Canada.

PerfectLens has expanded their business to the USA based on strong results in Canada.

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“Partnering with SourceKnowledge has been a fundamental strategy for's growth. Over just a short period of time, we've seen the benefits of utilizing SourceKnowledge Engage as a tool for customer acquisition. Through providing us with insight from programmatic display ads that was otherwise unavailable to us we have seen impressive return on ad spend and unique devices reached.”
- MARIAM DEMIAN, Digital Marketing Manager,
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The Approach

Data Driven Audiences

Audiences curated based on behavior and average order value rather than standard demographic targeting.

Optimized Retargeting

Re-engaging with audiences based on site recency with a specific focus on recent visitors (within 3 hours) and peak consideration (2 weeks after initial site visit.

Core Market Focus

Focus on core urban markets in eastern Canada to maximize return on ad spend.