Frank & Oak Keys In On Acquisition Using SourceKnowledge Engage

Frank & Oak, a leading e-commerce fashion company, partnered with SourceKnowledge to create a cross-media hybrid brand/direct response campaign. The brand was looking for a way to advertise online and leverage customer data to enhance the online shopping experience.

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The Results

Frank & Oak saw a strong 20% increase in average order value.

Frank & Oak quickly realized a 10% increase in conversions since the start of the campaign.

Frank & Oak leveraged the power of Engage and continues to run data-driven campaigns,

We help our clients supercharge every step of the buyer journey.



Reach new prospects.


Turn prospects into customers.


Maximize a customer's lifetime value.

See what Frank & Oak is saying about us.

“We wanted  to match video creative that communicated Frank & Oak's unique brand identity, with data-driven technology to maximize impact and resonate with a Millennial male audience. By partnering with SourceKnowledge for our first video 'performance' campaign, we were able to efficiently reach our key audience and ensure that new customers understood our brand's story.”
- ETHAN SONG, CEO & Co-Founder, Frank & Oak
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The Approach

Behavioral Targeting

Audiences are hand picked through a data analysis based on likelihood to purchase and potential value of conversion.

A/B Testing

Multiple tests with various creatives that focused on optimizing conversions and acquisition value.

Target Market Focus

Focus on males aged 18 to 40 living in core urban markets in eastern Canada to maximize return on ad spend.