BuildDirect Hammers Out A Strong Performance Campaign With Engage

BuildDirect, a leading online website for home improvement products, partnered with SourceKnowledge to run a cross-device performance campaign using the company's Engage advertising platform. The campaign used pre-roll video advertising and a remarketing strategy to leverage display banners that re-engaged potential customers to either order free samples or make a purchase.

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The Results

BuildDirect saw an exceptional 6.62x return on ad spend.

BuildDirect incurred an 8% increase in average order value since starting the campaign.

BuildDirect reached a critical benchmark with a 72% reduction in cost per acquisition.

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“Siloing each acquisition channel created a disconnect in the customer journey we were trying to create. SourceKnowledge's Engage platform allowed us to create a seamless, full funnel path to purchase. Their technology not only provides invaluable insights for our team which allows us to create more effective and creative, but performs significantly better than other DPSs we've worked with in the past."
- JASON NAIDU, Traffic & User Acquisition, BuildDirect
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The Approach

Segmented Audiences

Audiences were segmented based on their position in the buying process. They were siloed by exposure to the first touch  creative, ad unit interactional information, and over 50 unique user attributes.

Cross-Device Campaign

Campaigns were created to drive prospecting traffic to each product line with video pre-roll, and then re-engaging them with display creatives as each user moved through the conversion funnel.

A/B Testing

Each creative had a single test variant, and delivery was skewed in-flight based on scoring data to determine which call to action, styles, copy, taglines, and offers were the most successful.